A week back I posted a piece that I created the use of filters and tweaking. I should not be let near anything that my hands have to create, that is not my gift. The post drew a lot of negative comments, but I don’t delete. I would rather talk and debate. Everyone has their own opinions about the Race & Equality among the top topics. Black Voices matter, as do those of all oppressed and discriminated cultures.

Within a few comments it became quite obvious from the shrill tones that debating what a private person should or should not with his money was impossible. At the time wits and emotions needed to be checked. Someone needed to take that step so commenting was blocked. Hozier penned this open letter. The comment restrictions on my post have been opened again. Those of us who find racism appalling need to speak up in our own unique way to make the legacy of commitment a part of our everyday practice of being a good human.

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