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#Hozier Summer Give-Away-Winner @Bianca Accioli “So You Think You Can’t Draw ?” We have 9 Winners Already!

#Hozier Art by @skootrdavee Dave LeGates


Celebrating Fan Art Summer Giveaway Contest

So You Think You Can’t Draw?

Celebrate Summer with Celebrating Fan Art HOZIER

Month of Summer Give-Aways

June 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016

July 1, 2016 – July 31, 2016

August 1, 2016 – August 31, 2016 

For the month of June, I have 30 prizes, the remaining months there is only 1 prize and each is different.

While HOZIER creates his new Album, The contest is FAN FUN to fill the void and keep up the buzz about his music. We know what an important musician he is and is yet to be. So sharpen that pencil, let’s create some HOZIER FAN ART!


This contest is open to NON-Artists only.  If you are an Artist who I have previously posted on my page,  I will be glad to send you a copy but you will have to request one. Please keep in mind that quantities are VERY LIMITED and it’s first come, first serve.

OUR CONTEST BEGINS ON JUNE 1, 2016 & ends June 30, 2016.

Postage costs make this restrictive to countries outside the US; however this site is visited by Hozier fans from  55 countries around the world on any given day. For this reason, I am making a LIMITED AMOUNT available to Fans outside the US.  The first 10 entries (this includes individuals on teams) outside the US, will get a copy.

All drawings will be posted on this website unless I am specifically asked not to.  If you are familiar with this site, you know it is 100% artist respected.

You must email your piece to me  Please include your name and address.  If you choose too, you can tag me on Instagram or Twitter.   Please keep in mind that if I’m not tagged correctly, I may not see it. Here is the correct tag line @hozier_fan_art.   Tags still require that you send me your address and full name.

  • Word art will be accepted as long as their is a sketch on the piece.
  • If you specialize in digital art (Stylus drawing) I will take your drawing.
  • I will not a*ccept digitized edits of photos.  You have to draw it yourself.
  • Win alone or win as a team. You each get a prize.

Our Purpose

Art is essential to the human condition it’s that  simple. Well that and I am determined for Hozier Fans to be called the best fans EVER!

Why a team? 

When I did this with my friends, everyone was encouraging and several of them continue to sketch.   Being part of a team is also less intrusive to those who are shy and self critical.  Either alone or as part of a collective, no ones name will be attached to the piece unless you request it.  Art is about creativity and self expression but do please read the *section in the disclaimer below.

My intent is to encourage the artist in you.  You don’t have to draw Hozier’s face,  you can do a silhouette or something inspired by his music like our PRIZE.  Be creative, have fun..get past your self imposed limitations.

So let’s get to that prize.

I have 30 copies to give away of the “In The Woods Somewhere” by Alex Dacanay Olan, one of our Featured Artists.


I commissioned this piece from Alex last year.  I was so pleased with it I asked Alex permission to reproduce it on 8 1/2 x 11 card stock as a give-a-way.  She graciously agreed.


Celebrating Fan Art Hozier does not have to right to profit from any of the art pieces on this site. All costs associated with keeping this site up and running are paid for by the administrator. We accept no donations. The cost of the contest and postage is incurred solely by me.

*I do have the right to NOT post any piece that may be deemed insensitive or inappropriate. I don’t censor art, but stick figures and finger paints won’t cut it for me.

Sorry is I just dashed someone’s dream! Although I’m still looking for that macaroni art piece!  I hope you enjoy yourself and have a a good time!


#HOZIER Art by @laurentullettart lauren tullett