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#HOZIER  Art By Darcy Gibbons Art – FACEBOOK  Check Out This Lovely Artists Other Pieces On Her Facebook Page!  Link is in the Post!

#HOZIER  Art By Welliam Brisson Dessinateur FACEBOOK  Link In The Post..Go To His Facebook Page for some Gorgeous Pieces!!

#HOZIER Art By @mad_annett Anna Modestova

#HOZIER Art By Featured Artist @arina_artists 

#HOZIER Art By @caro.dc.draws. Complete

#HOZIER. Through The Eyes Of  Several Different Artists.  The Resemblance Is A Little Unsettling.  Then The First Big Hit Is “Take Me To Church” A Song About Sex.  (The Bottom Piece Is An Artistic Depiction of The Face Of Christ Based On The “Shroud Of Turin”.)

#HOZIER  Textile Art by Magnificent and Fun Doll Makers, Creators and Artists!  There is even a Hozier Cupcake!

#HOZIER  Art By  @mad_annett Anna Modestova

“Better Love”  Words and Lyrics by #HOZIER Art By Featured Artist @rosemanuelking. Rosalba Emmanuel King

“Work In Progress”  #HOZIER  Art By @caro.dc.draws