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Hozier Art by @arylobs Marisol Cabrera


Hozier Art by @lydia.gene Lydia Powell


HOZIER Art by @sydkjones Syd Jones

imageArtist asks-@Hozier or Jesus

“Arsonist’s Lullaby” Words & Music by Hozier Art by @natalia_meizer 🌻 Художник Наталья Мейзер

All you have is your fire,
And the place you need to reach.
Don’t you ever tame your demons,
But always keep them on a leash. ✨
Paper A5, ink, watercolor. image

A kind & Simple Act


I am not rich, but my life if full of unimaginable wealth that money can not possibly buy.

I am not poor, but my life often lacks for meaning. To fill that void i seek out the path of volunteering.  It fills in where humanity lacks .  I seek art, it makes me struggle to come to terms with humanity and I seek music, because like a balm, it soothes the demons away.

When I feel petty, I sit back & examine the root. Today, unwittingly,  I was made to feel that way.  Every attempt at bridging has failed and actually made it so much worse. I have recoiled at the thought at how easily we are willing to forgive that which we feel is bigger than ourselves.

When I post a piece of art and an artist gets excited to see their work displayed, they often send a note of thanks.  Receiving those notes feels so foreign to me.  “You created the piece and you allowed me to add it to my site.  It is I who am grateful to you.”

Wrestling with my pettiness, I remembered what an old soul told me once. “The very thing people dislike as a trait in others, is the same trait they dislike in themselves.”

I have been slamming that around in my head all evening,

Charles Dickens wrote  “We are all fellow  passengers to the grave.”  I am not rich, I am not poor, I simply AM, You may not choose to see me, because I am not a peer, but I AM.

I hope my younger artists heed that. You are seen!  You have talent!  You are remarkable!   I have a home for your work, mind you it is extraordinarily narrow in it’s scope, but with a grateful heart, you are welcome here.

Welcome and hello.  I am grateful  for your visit.  Thank You!

Hozier, Art by Featured Artist Rosalba Emmanuel-King

imageHave you noticed the shift in Rosalba’s style?  The features are getting more refined.  Though  still beyond s shadow of a doubt her work, she manages to develop and reinvent her skill level.

Rosalba lives in NYC, where she teaches art.  Her life has been not easy and until she heard “Take Me To Church”  she had not drawn for herself in years.  Smitten with Hozier’s expressive features she began to sketch again.  In one year she had created some of the most fun to down right deadly amazing acrylic art pieces!

I can’t wait for her next level of perfection!

Hozier, New Art by Featured Artist, Rosalba Emmanuel-King He just needs a bike!