To Enter Our Contest for June 21, 2017 **Double Click on this POST** #Hozier Fan Prize Pack #1 Siights  TO ENTER COMMENT BELOW

The dynamic duo of Scottish Singer Toni Etherson and Mia Fitzgerald,  former piano & gutarist for Hozier,  have collaborated on a new venture SIIGHTS.

The prize pack includes a Siights Official Hat (Direct from their merchandise line) a Siights Pin all inside our custom Tote bag.

Follow our Official rules and how to enter, see the main menu or click here:


  1. Dalondra Dixon

    What would our world do without Hozier´s music? Nothing at all. We would all die.

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  2. Alanna Wood

    Alanna Wood (@ajwood.4th): Twitter; Alanna W.: Facebook; and, ajwood.4th: Instagram – Don’t know if I’m doing this right but fingers crossed!! Love SIIGHTS!!! Thank you for doing this!! ❤ 🙂

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  3. Samantha Fahnestock

    Samantha F – Facebook, Sami_lou3 – Instagram, Sami_lou3 – Twitter

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  4. Megan Noble

    Megan N – Facebook, megn0481 – Instagram, megn0481 – Twitter

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  5. Marion van der Steen

    Marion van der Steen – Facebookl , instagram – and twitter – @MarionvdSteen1

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