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HOZIER  Art By @Kristine.Sare 

HOZIER Art By Featured Artist @rosemanuelking Rosalba Emmanuel King Inspired by the video for “From Eden” Music and Lyrics by #Hozier

HOZIER  Art By Perjesi Ilona @hrza1

“Arsonists Lullaby” Lyrics and Music by #HOZIER. Art By @folieadoldrums. Tumblr 

#HOZIER. Art By Xyron Brant Lacanienta Atienza – Facebook 

#HOZIER. Charicature Art By @JamesO’Donovan 

#HOZIER Art By @Lia Coleman – Facebook

“Work In Progress” Certainly A Fabulous First For This Site #HOZIER  Artist:  @plaacebo  art art and art !!! Check out her Instagram account, Very Impressive! 

“In A Week”  Lyrics and Music by #HOZIER  Artist Michelle Stafford-Behance 

“Arsonist’s Lullaby”. Lyrics and Music by #Hozier Artist @cactushugs_