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Hozier, by Featured Artist, Rosalba Emmanuel-King


Hozier, Based on a photo by Josh Wool, Art by @datmattmiles Matt Miles

imageHozier. Drawn from a @joshwool photograph whilst sat in a waiting room this morning. Proportions are a bit off, but… When are they not? 😛 #illustration #illustrator #art #artist #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #pencil #portrait #Hozier #JoshWool #moleskine – See more at:

Music ~ Art Will You Consider Donating A piece Of Your Art?

The  Hozier 24/7 Fund for American Blues

This fund has been created to assist American Blues artists nationwide suffering from illness, disability, or age-related problems.  The fundraiser is running until the end of February and the total amount donated will be given to the Sweet Relief Fund in Hozier’s name.

It is only fitting and right that I pledge my support to this worthy cause.  I will be putting items up for auction via Sweet Reliefs Ebay Page.  Can you offer an item to donate as well?

100% of all the money  raised will go directly to Sweet Relief and your donation is 100% tax deductible.  Click here to learn more:

Thank you!

Lucy Wilkerson

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