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Become part of our Art Community. Hozier Fan Art has 45,257 hits and 2,514 posts with art from all caliber artists.  

I Would love to add YOUR art to my site. is an all #Hozier related & Inspired #FanArt site All pieces are 100% Artist credited.

If your piece is #forsale or you take #commissions, I would be happy to advertise that for free. You read that right, for free. We are an all free no fee site. 

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HOZIER Art By beautyqueenboys @beautyqueenboys

Stunner of A Piece!! “TMTC” Words and Lyrics by HOZIER Art By Christa Dohmen ART @dohmenchrista

The napkin sketch in paint Titel: ‘ I’ll tell you my sins So you can sharpen your knife’ 100 x 100cm mixed media Inspired by the song of Hozier: :take my to church

Complete  HOZIER Art By Aurelia Quesada S. @aquesada_retratos

HOZIER Art By Featured Artist @rosemanuelking Rosalba Emmanuel King 

Today we deviate just a bit from visual art to “Art That Feeds Your Ears and Soul.”  I have listened to #Zaskamusic since sometime last year and really liked them. I plan on making my donation, I hope you consider doing the same.  Something as simple as $5.00 gets then closer to their goal.  “The Four Stages Of Running A Fund It campaign”   In case you are wondering why on this account, HOZIER started his career as a singer in the band.

Working With A Couple Of Artists Who Are Hoping To Sell Prints, But Live In Places Where The Postage Makes It Cost Prohibitive. Tell Us What You Think!  Full BLEED 11 x 16  Medium Weight Paper  (100% Profits go to artists after the exact expenses are deducted)

@sumthinsomagicaboutu Olivia

Closer Detail Look

HOZIER Art By Featured Artist @rosemanuelking Rosalba Emmanuel King Inspired by the video for “From Eden” Music and Lyrics by #Hozier

“Take Me To Church” Music and Lyrics by HOZIER  Artist @Minky_Lamy