Artists & Their Art

The works conveyed on the pages of this site have meaning and value to the artists.

I have an enormous amount of respect for the artists on this site. I have befriended several and find the willingness of nearly all to share their gift breathtaking.  I make every effort to give credit to each artist.   If you see a piece of art that you are planning on repurposing for your own use, please ensure that you give full credit to the artist.

Many of the artists take commission work. If you contact them, please do so with decorum, some of these folks do this for a living.  Please don’t expect them to do anything for free.

Thank you,

Celebrating Fan Art, Hozier


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  1. Hey Lucy!
    you recently published pictures of my artwork ‘Eden’ on your site & IG, just want to say wow thank you very much! Initially I was a bit hesitant when I first came across it (you wouldn’t believe how many people steal photos from social media sites & claim the work as their own – completely hinders you when you’re someone that not only creates it but tries to sell it also) but had a look through your pages & I completely admire what you’re doing! Not only do you display the pictures for people to see but you give full credit to the artist (in this day & age – seriously we usually have to pay for this kind of advertising haha) but the fact that you do it from the goodness of your heart is completely amazing & I cannot thank you enough! endless thank you’s & much love! Linz x

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