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I believe in art and I believe that music has the power to heal. I am a fan of Hozier and love the fan art. This is a tribute page to both. I have 5 children, some are gifted photographers, one is an artist. When I saw some of the art fans were producing, I found myself thinking they needed a home where they can be celebrated. This is their home.

Week 2 Summer of #GiveAway Promotion Prize Pack!  #AlanaHendersons Masterpiece “Wax and Wane” In our own custom tote bag! 

Her exquisite beauty is only surpassed by her lovely voice.  Alana is best known as the cello player for #Hozier on his last series of concerts.  She accompanied him while performing “In A Week” but before that, she released her own EP, “Wax and Wane”.  Here is your chance to own the EP!  ENTER TO WIN

RULES APPLY for this promotion as they did for week 1.  Find Alana on Facebook, On Twitter, On Instagram,  Follow her, come back here and day done with your twitter, Instagram of Facebook handle.

Couldn’t be simpler!





WIP Singer, Songwriter & Musician Hozier, Art By Our Featured Artist Rosalba Emmanuel-King @Rosemanuelking June 23, 2017 #Hozier #FanArt 

 This is what it takes!


@rosemanuelking @Hozier I don’t usually like to post #wip but #hozier looks like an #ascended #being all aglow! For all the art students out there this was 4 hrs backbreaking work…literally…standing up! There are many many layers if thin watercolor glazes of different colors for every color you see (think impressionism) & at least 7 different size brushes which are constantly changed. Also for every stroke on the 300lb #watercolor paper (which absorbs a great deal of water & very difficult to control ) I first test it out on a test sheet to make sure it’s the right color & that color dries 7 x lighter for watercolor & 7x darker for gouache so u have to estimate. It’s a good thing #andrewhozierbyrne is so beautiful so it’s what I love doing. My women’s #fashionillustration is so opposite & quick the most 15 minutes on a #painting from a live #model #sketch…Which is why this is a big surprise to me I didn’t think I had the patients. Thanks Andy for the inspiration & #music #illustration by me. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend 😙

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Singer, Songwriter & Musician Hozier, Art By Our Featured Artist Rosalba Emmanuel-King @Rosemanuelking June 23, 2017 Do you have #HOZIER related #Fanart you’d like me to share?