The Final Bow – Art by Featured Artist @sumthinsomagicaboutu

“The Little Site That Could”


Hozier’s 2015 Band

Left to right; Mia Fitzgerald, Alex Ryan, Andrew “Hozier”-Byrne, Rachel Lampa, Lorraine (Lolo) Barnes, Alana Hart-Henderson and Rory Doyle

When I was first introduced to Hozier’s music, the band I saw performer with him was so lovingly portrayed by the extraordinary talent of Lorrina Heartly.  (See featured artists for the 2014.  The black and white for the 2015 header for this page now is housed there.)  I commissioned the piece and drove Lorrina insane with my vision for it.  I had planned to give Hozier the original as an early birthday gift.   I had every detail of the presentation firmly replayed in my head for days.  The day of the concert   I was ready to meet the man, tell him about this site and present him Lorrina’s artwork as an early 25th birthday gift on behalf of this site. courtesy of this site.  I wish I could say I met him that night. I wish I could say that I was the one who gave it too him.  I wish I could say that he liked it.  Plans were foiled and New York beckoned and off he went.  Luckily the bus driver was lovely and allowed me to leave a band “goodie package”  which included the original of Lorrina’s artwork. 

Excited as I am for new music, the prospect of new venue photos slowly fade as Hozier takes a hiatus after being on the road for nearly 3 years.  It’s been a wonderful 3 years for fans.  For me, each day continues to be an adventure in finding my art “treasures” and January 15, 2016 will mark the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this site.

For the past few months I had thought about changing the header on my site.   I wanted the piece to be reflective of the cohesiveness of this now season group of extraordinarily talented people. I especially wanted Lorriane (Lolo) Barnes to be added.   As the time crept closer, the “FINAL BOW” photos at venues were on repeat in my head. So I put out into the cyber space  that I wanted a piece that would/could grace the header space.  The problem was finding a quality photo that an artist could work from.  If there are grand photo’s I couldn’t find one that caught each member in such a manner that would provide the creative hand to put to paper their lovely images.   So I asked.. “Ya’ll got Pictures?”  Some photos came in but the PROMISE of many strangers heading to future shows to try and capture that moment for me touched me in ways I can’t begin to even explain.

A few weeks later Olivia reached out with a simple sketch she was working on.  Going through every photo of the final bow she could find she pieced together my 2016 header.  I was so moved I sobbed for and hour.  Thank you Olivia.. It’s perfect!

As my “Little Site That Could” approaches it’s first year anniversary I want to reiterate my thanks to all the artists who allowed me to showcase their work(s) on the over 1000 blog posts.  Not a week goes by that I don’t get a thank you from an artist.  I know.. how absurd is that?  I have to remind them that it’s ME, who should keep thanking them for allowing me to post.   My site would not exist if they didn’t.


If you read this, thanks for being such a gorgeous inspiration.

PS… I did finally meet Hozier & Mia at Boston Calling in September of this year.  I never did get to ask him if he knows about this site,  or if he like the Lorrina’s artwork… Funny how in the presence of such a humble, sweet and soft spoken person, all I kept wondering is that voice comes out of you….

Look for some anniversary fun coming up in the next few weeks.  Thank you for visiting.  I remember being so excited when the visitor and hit count reached 100.  If you had told me then, that by this time I’d be looking at nearly 30,000 hits, I would never have believed you.

Merry Christmas,

Lucy Wilkerson

New Hampshire, USA



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