Jenna Bolay

Usually next to the artist’s name I put where I found the artwork.  This one came to my own front door.   Jenna Bolay and I have never met.  She lives on one coast I live on the other.  We bumped into each other as “fans” of Hozier.  Her talent is amazing.  As you can see by the tidbit of the letter that came with my masterpiece, this was a SURPRISE gift.  I don’t think I’ve ever received anything so fantastic in all my life.  It’s worth to me is not just the subject matter, but the fact that she took time to create it for me.  The photos in no way shape of form give it justice.  Her attention to the tiniest detail (the eye lashes under his eyes for instance) are tremendous.

I often joke that I can’t draw a stick figure, and it’s true.  They are just so pathetic… I look at the art each one of the artists produces (whether novice, skilled or trained) and I am in awe.  How is it that Andrew Hozier-Byrne ignites such a flame that the only way to squelch it for even a little while is to draw it.  Their talent is not putting lyrics to music… their talent is putting medium to paper and each one sings a joyous noise!

An artists gift.

An artists gift.


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