WIP Singer, Songwriter & Musician Hozier, Art By Our Featured Artist Rosalba Emmanuel-King @Rosemanuelking June 23, 2017 #Hozier #FanArt 

 This is what it takes!


@rosemanuelking @Hozier I don’t usually like to post #wip but #hozier looks like an #ascended #being all aglow! For all the art students out there this was 4 hrs backbreaking work…literally…standing up! There are many many layers if thin watercolor glazes of different colors for every color you see (think impressionism) & at least 7 different size brushes which are constantly changed. Also for every stroke on the 300lb #watercolor paper (which absorbs a great deal of water & very difficult to control ) I first test it out on a test sheet to make sure it’s the right color & that color dries 7 x lighter for watercolor & 7x darker for gouache so u have to estimate. It’s a good thing #andrewhozierbyrne is so beautiful so it’s what I love doing. My women’s #fashionillustration is so opposite & quick the most 15 minutes on a #painting from a live #model #sketch…Which is why this is a big surprise to me I didn’t think I had the patients. Thanks Andy for the inspiration & #music #illustration by me. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend 😙

#takemetochurch #betterlove #johnvarvatos #portrait #artist #artwork

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