So, The Fine Folks @CafePress made an error. They sent me an extra 12 #HozierFanArt Bags but didn’t charge me and told me to keep them So What’s A Girl To Do?

Karma… is a funny thing. This week I was suppose to have elected surgery. Three days before my surgical date, I got a call from the surgeons office. My insurance company had denied my claim. To say I was angry was putting it mildly since a friend in my department had the exact same procedure done a month earlier. Too say our “Cases” were identical would be the drop dead truth. So I wrote a poison pen letter appeal and I had a melt down. I don’t meltdown easily. Life hasn’t been easy so I take every blessing with a grateful heart. Yesterday I got a call from my insurance company. They were checking in. “We are checking in to see how your surgery went.” Very professionally and with razor sharp precision I told them how my procedure went. When I got home my box of 12 HozierFanArt totes greeted me at the door. Today, my insurance company sent me a follow-up survey. They wanted to know if I would recommend them to my friends and colleagues. I am not sure I can post my response on social media. Again I came home to another box with another 12 canvas bags. But….. I didn’t order these!!! I called the fine folks at #CafePress and they saw their error. “Well we only charged you once, enjoy your extra bags!” So what’s a girl to do with 12 extra bags? Sell them? NOPE against my principles. I wonder… how much would you be willing to give to a particular charity in return for a bag? Anyone know of a Charity that @hozier or his friends support? PS #unitedhealthcare You Fucking Suck. Oh Do you have HOZIER related art you’d like me to share?
I Would love to add YOUR art to my site. is an all #Hozier related & Inspired FanArt site All pieces are 100% artist credited and #free to the artists.

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  1. rosalba

    So sorry Lucy! I hope you are well! U should fight the insurance company to have them pay for ur surgery!

    I’m glad you got the extra bags…great idea for Hoziers favorite charity.
    Take care I hope you have some time off to heal.

    Love Rosalba 😙

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE smartphone


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