To the artists I have yet to post… Yes, you


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The past year of my life has been a roller coaster and its crazy to think most of what’s been happening I haven’t even been able to share with you yet, I seen this quote and it got me thinking.
Taking chances and following dreams has always been something I’m so passionate about but not just for me, I really hope and want people to know that often the most dark and scary or uncertain times are leading to the most amazing and exciting times of your life. You have to embrace change and take leaps of faith to really get those extraordinary things you want from life.

I’m such a big believer in following the things that make you happy and not giving up on your passions but most importantly believing in yourself, I know it’s hard, but never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about. If you want it badly enough , you’l do it. Whatever it might be

Toni Etherson is becoming one of my favorite people.  She and #MiaFitz from Hozier’s original touring band have formed and created #SIIGHTS.. a phenomenal music experience.  Mia will always have a lovely place in my heart.  She is a genuine human and I had the honor of meeting her.  I wish nothing but the best for the both of them.

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