It has come to my attention that a few select artists are being trolled.  To these **Trolls** Come  visit Celebrating FanArt Hozier  I have a Message for You!

Here are your tools, please do it better! I will be anxiously awaiting your submission.  

This site is dedicated to people who make art.  I find Trolls along with rude critics, and those who insist on making hurtful remarks insidiously insensitive.  Please unfriend me, block me, and remove me from your groups.  To you small minded trolls,  pretend this site doesn’t exist!

 All ages and all skill levels are welcome here.  That includes ALL FORMS of art.  

Go Troll on Tumblr.  There is a popular Hozier site whose bloggers Trolled me at the beginning.  That ilk would welcome your like minds! 

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