When Romance Turns Into A Nightmare. For most people Valentine’s Day is the most romantic date on the calendar. However, for some February 14 can bring another day of fear and abuse when ‘love’ turns into unreasonable jealousy and possessiveness, turning to violence, power and control. “CHERRY WINE” Lyrics and Music by HOZIER, Art by @AlexDacanayOlan #ABUSE #DOMESTICVIOLENCEVICTIMS

Last year #Hozier released “Cherry Wine” as a single with the 100% of the proceeds going to domestic abuse agencies in the country you live in. Though the song was written in the persona of the male being abused, the stunning video starring Academy Award Nominee  Saoirse Ronan as the victim brought the attention of #DomesticViolence in the forefront for his plethora of female fans.  Though not released, we are certain the total amount raised helped men and women who felt trapped in their situation.

This year in the United States our government has become a majority of the women’s worst nightmares.  The stunning ruling by the Russian government to allow beating by husband on their wives and for women to proudly display #bruises, #scares and #disfigurement is outrageous and appalling.  If y ou have not downloaded “Cherry Wine” please do so.  If a friend is being abused, don’t remain silent.  You only enable the abuser.




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