In the U.S. It’s Nearly Valentines Day, But Around The World, it Already Is. As Promised, Our Most Romantic Pieces Inspired By, or of HOZIER.

In the early beginning of this blog there were all kinds of creative fans creating delightful pieces to get Hozier’s attention. (Back when he chatted with fans)  This lovely cartoonist lives in Seoul, S. Korea.  She was about 18 when I met her.  She did some exquisite pieces of  Hozier and then started a comic book like strip of him and his brother Jon.  She sent them on some crazy adventures in her home country.

When Hozier’s album dropped it was impossible to get in S Korea, so I mailed her a copy. Her school life was very competitive and when she did finally do an entrance exam for a job she wanted, she wasn’t that right fit.  She took that as failure.  Was dejected for a long time and only pokes up every now and then to say hello.

When I see or post a piece but a young or artist just getting their feet wet they say “Yes” to my request to post, then nearly always “But it’s not good enough to be on your blog site.”  ENCOURAGE artist especially the young ones.  I have watched novices blossom.  They become students of their craft, fine tuning and refining each piece.

If my lovely had only believed more in herself, perhaps we’d see more art.  Just because she wasn’t the right fit for the job, didn’t mean she didn’t have a gifted talent.

From January 28, 2015 – Jon and Andrew Hozier-Byne wish you a “Happy Valentine’s Day”

fliegend @_soumi_ An Amazing Cartoonist




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