“Take Me To Church”  Art By @malaika_sarda “Caption credits for the art: @sakshiigoenkaa”. Masterpiece of Music and Lyrics by “HOZIER”. 

Things to know when you’re thinking how you want to come out.do not call it coming out. definitely not out of the closet. call it whispering a truth they don’t know about you. or shouting one. without being apologetic. call it the way you love. feel. breathe. Do  not tell them you are different. tell them they don’t feel the way you do. tell them you felt warm when you saw two girls holding hands, one placing a kiss on the other’s lips, calmly. your body spoke to you when the man sitting beside you in the men’s room at three o’clock smiled at you and accidentally brushed his arm against yours. how you noticed his eyes and his mustache and wanted that style on your own face, minus the zits on his forehead.

Tell  them how you never felt the electricity kissing girls in high school and you always questioned why. how eighteen months after graduating, your first true love was a man playing his guitar on the park bench. you almost could not believe how your heart raced when he slid his fingers through his hair, flashing his black eyes right at you.

Tell them the realization did not come easily to you either. but it was the only soothing gesture to your restlessness. the only tranquilizer your anxiety could ever ask for. ask them not to roll their eyes, even if they can’t hold themselves back.

Do not sugarcoat anything. do not let them wrong you. and even for a split second, do not feel sorry. after you are done, do not beg for their acceptance, for it’s the most precious gift you ever gave yourself.

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