A kind & Simple Act


I am not rich, but my life if full of unimaginable wealth that money can not possibly buy.

I am not poor, but my life often lacks for meaning. To fill that void i seek out the path of volunteering.  It fills in where humanity lacks .  I seek art, it makes me struggle to come to terms with humanity and I seek music, because like a balm, it soothes the demons away.

When I feel petty, I sit back & examine the root. Today, unwittingly,  I was made to feel that way.  Every attempt at bridging has failed and actually made it so much worse. I have recoiled at the thought at how easily we are willing to forgive that which we feel is bigger than ourselves.

When I post a piece of art and an artist gets excited to see their work displayed, they often send a note of thanks.  Receiving those notes feels so foreign to me.  “You created the piece and you allowed me to add it to my site.  It is I who am grateful to you.”

Wrestling with my pettiness, I remembered what an old soul told me once. “The very thing people dislike as a trait in others, is the same trait they dislike in themselves.”

I have been slamming that around in my head all evening,

Charles Dickens wrote  “We are all fellow  passengers to the grave.”  I am not rich, I am not poor, I simply AM, You may not choose to see me, because I am not a peer, but I AM.

I hope my younger artists heed that. You are seen!  You have talent!  You are remarkable!   I have a home for your work, mind you it is extraordinarily narrow in it’s scope, but with a grateful heart, you are welcome here.

Welcome and hello.  I am grateful  for your visit.  Thank You!

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