Textile and Bakery Art? – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

11055510_384973098351578_1992032297_nChillin’ with the illest crew I know. #just3boyz #straightupflexin


hozie.hozier.hoziestAndrew Hozier-Byrne Fan Page    INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT

the blood is rare and sweet as cherry cupcakesemojiemojiemojiemoji … …or red velvet emoji TADAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! This was fun to make lol XD . . #hozier #andrewhozierbyrne #cupcake #cute #teehee #yummy #delicious #ehhehe #takemetochurch #cherrywine #someonenew #worksong #fromeden #likerealpeopledo

10996273_812425235497640_6708257320195071909_n 11024608_812425215497642_7932579089196477764_n

Rozanne Castillo – Facebook – She is making it herself!

11044514_10152724283528671_9111169208353110108_n 11061216_10152724283668671_6327045600770492581_n

LalaLovely01 – Twitter –  Made it herself

When the inkling of creating this website came to me I put out requests (and still do) for folks to contact me with their pieces.  Each evening I scour the web looking for pieces that are really all levels of artistic expression.  From time to time I put our that call, often times ending “I’ll consider Macaroni Art.

I still haven’t seen any worthwhile macaroni art, but these were such a pleasure to behold!

Art come in all forms.  Except mine, I can’t even make a stick figure with a man bun!


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