Commissioned Art Piece Header – Hozier’s Birthday Present From This Site 2015

This exquisite sketch was a custom piece I ordered from Lorina Heartly, a gifted artist that has been showcased on Celebrating Fan Art in the past.  It’s a 9×12 sketch on gray paper.  I hope to present (Fingers crossed it’s not bitter cold, my son is a young teen and I don’t think he could endure the bitter cold.  Temps have been below 0 most of this week.) to Hozier in Boston on 3/4/15 when he preforms at the House of Blues. If that is not possible, I’m giving it to the bus driver! I wanted the sketch to be a reminder of 2014, his breakout year. The band members are those who performed with on Halloween night 2014 at the Paradise in Boston, a concert my husband and I attended. Lorina presented several models but I chose this one.   I wanted the sketch to be all about the music.  The image of Hozier represented here is a shoulder length version of a nearly full body photo of Hozier playing the guitar.  To date, it’s my favorite concert photo.  It captured a sliver of his soul as he does what he loves best, make music.  If you have not experienced a Hozier concert, it is a must.  The band is tight and together it makes his performance a spiritual experience.  The combined voices create an amazing gospel choir sound as they lilthe together as one voice.  The sketch surrounds Hozier by those voices, thus he is in the middle with his band around him.  When you go to see him live, he makes it as much about the band making the music as it is about his performance.  He is is one of a kind. Happy Birthday Quarter of a Century Andy! Lucy Lorina contact information:

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