Jenna Bolay


When I began this project it was no easy task finding artists that have drawn, sketched, illustrated, caricatured, penciled, charcoaled, pastel,  oil painted or made macaroni art of this wonderful human being.  Once I got the right series of searches under my belt they seem to spill out.  Every day I comb the net, tweaking search phrases, but this one came to me.

Social Network is unpredictable.  In my Tweeting and promoting Hozier, you find “Kindred Spirits” and prima donnas,   I reached out to one very popular Tumblr fan site and got my hand bite off.  In another occasion I got the most rude response, from them.  Why?  Are we not all here to Celebrate and promote the music?  Had I left my experience to them, this website might not exist.

In my persistence I have made the acquaintance of the most fantastic group of men and women.  Over 160 strong we are know as Hozier 24/7.   A few weeks ago while chatting amongst our group, Jenna Bolay showed up.  I recognized the name and couldn’t place it until she show a piece of work she did and that is when I realized “YOUR MY JENNA BOLAY ON MY SITE” since then other artists have joined and  each day I am re-newed to start my search tasks over and over to uncover new treasures from kindred spirits who like me.. just love the music and the golden heart that create its.

This is my friend, Jenna Bolay


Did you ever have something that is pretty freaking awesome that you want to share and tell people about but you want to keep it to yourself for a few days? I cannot thank @hozier enough for being so very sweet and very supportive. When you give art, you give a piece of yourself, I feel, and for him to have said such lovely things and appreciatively accept the portrait I did for him means the world to me.

From me to Jenna —-SQUeeeee

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  1. […] So…I kinda HAD to draw this one of #hozier from the grammys. He says he doesn’t like all the red carpetness but…he does it so well, yes? Oh and I am a featured artist over at this hozier fanart blog go check it out! I’ve never been a featured anything! […]


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