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#HOZIER  Digital Portrait Art By @minhwandering 

#HOZIER  Art By @andersonmorales 

Portrait of HOZIER  on #paperblanks using #pentel #sketch #art #drawing #hozier #portrait

#HOZIER  Art By @rokyaayman

#HOZIER “Stank Face”While he was grooving to James Brown  on live Facebook chat Art By Featured Artist  @rosemanuelking Rosalba Emmanuel King Musical Selection was by me #JamesBrown! 


“WIP”  #HOZIER Art By Featured Artist @arina_artists 

#Angel Of A Small Death In The Codiene Scene” Music & Lyrics By #Hozier Art By Alex Dacanay Olan Prints will be available soon! 

I can’t say enough about Alex’s keen ability to picture a song in her head and translate it from hand to paper.  She is a tiny young lovely young woman with a great future ahead of her.  I am lucky enough to have one of her original works for one of my favorite Hozier song “In The Wood Somewhere”. People who don’t even know the song or know Hozier’s music stop when they come into my office  admire and ask about it.  

I am so proud she is perusing her dream.

This Piece By Featured Artist @rosemanuelking Rosalba Emmanuel King Is Based On His Expression On The Press Junkit for #TheLegendOfTarzan  “The Fox Mating Call” @HOZIER  This is about right? 

Selebrating A Sunday Special A L👀k Back to August, 2015 #Hozier Art By Alex Valenzona @LexibadenhopJuly 25, 2015

#HOZIER  NSJS @absolutedelta – INSTAGRAMMay 20, 2015

FREE FORM FRIDAY“NO MASTERS OR KINGS” @CADAVRENSO Based on “TMTC” Music & Lyrics by #HOZIER May 27, 2015Because they were too good the first time they appeared not to share again.