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When It Is All One Sides

@Hozier posted a letter of sorts on his Twitter page. The letter essentially condemned a large fan group of 8,000+ members. It was in response to a one-sided Troll doing what trolls do best. Not that the how is important, but it was picked up by a ”Rag” news outlet. That outlet made no contact with the admins to get the other side of the story. So a response was penned by the man


I will leave that their. I don’t have anything good to say about it.

That group was the inspiration for the creation of my site. The admins of the group have removed all the rules for the group. Their present decision is a final omage to Hozier. They are allowing it to become a ”Wasteland”

Long time members and supporters are leaving or have left the group. With many pledging no more concerts for them.

I haven’t been an active member of the group for a number of years. When I needed some Hozier magic I knew where to go.

My site will remain open solely for the sake of the artists. Many use it for references. I will continue to post only art I find interesting or like after this. Commenting will be limited.

My website and my social media accounts are sole proprietary. and are in no way affiliated with #Hozier, his management or his record company.

Artist permission received all posts. The only exception is when an artist can’t be found.