“What Would You Give To Meet & Play With Your Hero?” The Art Of Emily Reeves

Though it’ not really my policy to add photo shop pictures these were so well done and under the auspices of “Art” I feel compelled to post.

Emily refers to them as “Historical Photos.”  I like to think of them as “If Dreams Could Come True”

Hozier has made no secret of  who his influences in the crafting of a song are. These are the musicians, songwriters, singers and poets who molded his thought processes and songwriting.

Emily provided the “Magic” to make it happen.

Hozier and Seamus Heany

Hozier and Irish Poet Seamus Heaney

Hozier and Ella fit

Hozier with Ella Fritzgerald

Hozier and Ella

Hozier with Billy Holiday

HOzier and James Brown

Hozier with “I Feel Good” Mr. James Brown

Hozier and Nina

At age 3 he remembers singing her songs to sleep. Hozier and Ms. Nina Simone.


Hozier and Junior Kimbrough

Hozier playing with

Hozier & Willie Dixon

Hozier and Muddy

Hozier and “Howlin” Wolf

Hozier and Janic Joplin.png

Hozier and Janice Joplin

Hozier and

Hozier with Muddy Waters

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