The Concert Photographer’s Art


This past Christmas my youngest daughter came home from New Mexico for a few weeks.  Sloan has always seen the world through her own skewed lens.

Seldom without her journal, sketch book, or camera she captures the mundane and transforms them with her own unique vision.

She took a photo of her hand holding our mutually  favorite coffee cup. I copied the photo from her Instagram account and posted it on a family Facebook account.  That did not sit well with her.  “That is my art and you didn’t ask me first.” That is when it really hit me that sharing her “eye” was a personal for her. That was a huge awakening for me.

So on our  1 year anniversary I am adding a page for photographers, both professional and those with big dreams (semi-professional and those with a unique vision)  who take concert photos of Hozier.

Just as with the artists posted here, there is NO a charge to the photographer.

Criteria for each post

The photographers name (of course)

The venue and the date

Each photographer is allowed to post the link to all their concert photos and any social media accounts.

If the concert photographers sell photos, there will be $$  added to his/her page.  PLEASE do not take that as an indication that the photo being featured is for sale.  Photographers sell photos via their website, not here.  The photo is their proprietary art and they choose which to sell and which not too. All photos should bare the artist Trade/Water mark.  They are NOT to be removed.  I can ban you from this site.

Just as with the art pieces I share and post, I have no rights on those photos.  I take no gifts or commission for featuring them. They are the the photographers proprietary art. I can’t use them for personal gain.  The ultimate goal is that art is a gift to the artist, who then gifts it to the world, in whatever form they chose.

Are you a photographer?  Just say yes!