Hozier’s Lyric Art Contest ~ Fall 2014


It has come to my attention that the entry by Nathalie Thevenent is actually a work that was knowing taken from another artist.







@hayleyraesmith @ZoeFosterrBy Dana Mooney By Emma Marie By Gemma Christensen By Silvia Cucks Cucchi


#TakeMeToChurch – Fan Art Winners
Updated about 4 months ago
Haven’t forgotten about the Lyric artwork competition. Here are the fantastic winners for Take Me To Church. Thank you for all the entries.

One more set of lyrics to come….

All winners please contact eoin@rubyworks.com to arrange your signed album.


By @ClaireGandTBy @Majesticlolipop  By Jenn Menze By Kenneth CangelosiBy Nathalie ThevenetBy Rosie O Mahony

10689825_727777423942261_228602465165803146_n1800387_727777483942255_5906008258630160425_n 10624555_727777463942257_1048405258291467735_n 10447627_727777417275595_4318451971282728252_n 10615634_727777420608928_9195648594424162704_n1901483_727777473942256_5396666990705881374_n

Angel of A Small Death and the Codeine Scene 

By @danamoonme By jesswinlow By Anna GoncharenkoBy Dave Duffy By Laura  Miskell By Stefanie Thiele


10639611_719082238145113_7663141843009687437_n 10473778_719082241478446_3586423696278537269_n annagoncharenko10552518_719082284811775_1215429335610149500_n10408813_719082311478439_7512626355364458624_nstefaniethiele

#INAWEEKLYRICS – Fan Art Competition Winners
Updated about 5 months ago
Each of these artists created their work drawing inspiration from the lyrics to In A Week. Each artist wins a signed Hozier album and will also have their entry put forward to be the overall competition winner and have their entry, printed, framed and signed by Hozier.

By Annie Rowland @Whisperettehttps:By Lef Peeters By Joanne CrowleyBy @WinnieinlightsBy @kendrawcandrawBy @Ingridbeast


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