StoneFace Films – Jon-Hozier-Byrne & Dave Reilly

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The Mad-Scientist

The Mad-Scientist



Filmmaker, writer and stand-up comic, David Reilly is one of the brightest stars on the Dublin comedy scene. He’s written jokes for the BBC, performed live comedy on BBC2 and BBC Radio, as well as RTE. He is an avid longboarder, world-traveler, and Spider-man enthusiast. He is the cool one in the partnership.


Writer/director Jon Hozier-Byrne made a large splash this year, both when his debut film The Omega Male premiered at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, and when he got into a bath too quickly. He spent the last few years teaching film in University College Dublin, and left to set up this company. He is also writing about himself in the third person right now.  – YES, they brought you this:

Hozier – Someone New

Creativity is an inherit gene in the Byrne household.  Jon is is the older brother and is extraordinarily talented in his own right.  With his creative partner in crime Dave Reilly,  the two of them bring their unique perspectives to their tweets @Stonefacefilms (a must follow) and to their collective works.

Check’em out!

Dave & Jon artist rendition.

Dave & Jon artist rendition.

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